Venom Blues

Very Special Guests

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Harmonicas, Vocals

Fred Miller was born and raised on a cattle farm in rural PA so is well versed in the culture and music of the tri-state area. He spent his younger years cutting his teeth wailing on the harmonica and singing in a variety of bands having both country and rock and roll roots so evolving to playing Da Blues was only natural. Fred is an active musician in the area hosting numerous open mics and is a staunch supporter of live music. He has played with numerous area Blues bands and has perfomed in a variety of festivals, benefits, parties and many local clubs and restaurants.
You can also catch Fred fonting his own band The Fred Miller Band at select venues in Delaware and Pennsylvania.


Percussion, Vocals

"Stormin' Norman" has had an ear for music his whole life. Starting in school playing with the band to doing the Ole' Blues Thang with us on the weekends - he's got a groove that put the whole thing in proper perspective. With a list of toys too numerous to mention, Norman adds a layer of complexity that just rounds out the show in a way few could anticipate.
Norman does not only handle our percussion needs, he can belt out some series baritone vocals. The kind that really makes Da Blues stand up and say something. His renditions of Stormy Monday and Dukes Place receive raves from our listeners, so make sure to give a listen when you can - you won't be disappointed!


Percussion, Vocals

Tom has been a regular with our band for a couple years and can drive the rhythm in a variety of styles from gool old rock 'n roll to an awesome shuffle to a straight up jazz beat that gets the patrons dancin' in the streets! Tom has a solid history in the state as a treasured musician. We are thankful he has offered to stand in as our rhythm section as frequently as he has.
You can also catch Tom with Green Eggs and Jam at select venues.



Paul has been playing drums most of his life, with his grandfather as his initial influence. He started off with rock and roll then eventually gravitated towards jazz and blues as this was the music his parents enjoyed regularly. Paul played in his first band, “Monkey House”, starting out at age 18 in Philadelphia. Since 1991, he has also performed as a member of the Victory Christian Fellowship House Band, playing a variety of gospel and contemporary Christian material. Paul studied with Mr. Carl Motola in Philadelphia, and continues to be involved in as many different musical opportunities as are offered to further his passion and love for this wonderful thing called music.



Steve Long offers up a percussion style that truly added to Venom Blues fourth CD! This man can put out some rhythms that will keep you coming back for more!

Friends and Memories


Saxophones, Vocals

We will miss an old friend...
John Reda, at age 55, son of Louise DiTomasso and the late Michael Reda, passed away peacefully at his home on September 16, 2009.
John Reda was the true veteran in this band. With over 40 years of performing under his belt, he knew how to kick up the crowd. Belting out some unbelievable solos, he brought an enormous wealth of musical knowledge to the band. John played with dozens of bands in the Northeast including Charlie Murray, Earl Rice, Joe Allegro and Melissa Martin. He has also performed in the pit band for the Everett Theater Orchestra for Nunsense and Jesus Christ Superstar. John excelled in other areas as well. He was able to rattle off some serious big band vocals and caress the skins...
Frank Sinatra is gone, and now, alas, John has gone to join him. May we hope that John has found the band he deserves rocking around the Pearly Gates. Rest in peace, John.

C. "Junior" Patterson


Junior has moved on to other projects and we wish him well in his future endeavours.



Frankie has moved on to other projects and we wish him well in his future endeavours.



Aram is one talented musician but lives way cross country! We wish him well and that gasoline prices come down some day! You'll be hearing more from this guy real soon!



Whether you call him Nick, Nick Danger, RuFuS, Animal or any other expletive, this Philly born musician kicks the whuzzit out o' da cans! We wish him the best!


Harmonicas, Vocals

Dan is a one of a kind character searching for that ultimate blues jam. We wish him well in his search and hope one day he will find that which he seeks!



What can you say about Randy?
The man knows his brass...
The aural aroma that this cat can cause to emanate from a single curved tube of metal are a treasure to behold! The masters are looking over their shoulder at this guy - he's chasing them down and he's gonna mop the floor! Randy has a long history playing in bands all over the world. Why he decided to set up his rocking chair here is anyone's guess but we sure ain't gonna say no when it comes to joining us for a hearty night of blasting out some Blues to help chase away the everyday!
Here's to the man who knows how to make a lot of hot air absurdly meaningful!


Keyboard and Vocals

A man of the world, Jerry is the wildest blues man to grace the member list! His smokin' keyboard riffs are a trademark that will be with us for a long time! Gotta catch his subtle fingers on our latest CD! His energy is boundless and his antics are wild but he means every note he plays and he plays for keeps! Watch out!
This boy has DA BLUES!